About us

Rock has been in the funeral serviceĀ for 32 years, but in 1994 after 10 years being in the funeral service He felt there was a need for a more personal and affordable approach to the Bereaved.

In August 1994 He left the funeral chapel operations to begin meeting families in their home and bringing the funeral service to their church. Since then He has had the privilege to serve hundreds of families with his personal and affordable approach.

caskets and urns are the same caskets and urns that you would get at a local funeral chapel. The difference between the service we have and the service of a funeral chapel is that I come to you, and you make the important decisions in the comfort of your home, where are most of your important decisions are made.

His caskets and urns can be viewed simply from a catalog and all the plans can begin there at our initial meeting. The next time he would see the family is usually at the church or where the funeral service is taking place.